Our Programs

Participating Open Door Healthcare Clinics deliver the following services free of charge or subsidized to those who quality:

  1. Lifestyle Health and Wellness Support
  2. Educational Resources on exercise, wight loss, diabetes management/prevention and stress management
  3. Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Education

Providers at participating Open Door Healthcare Clinics use latest lifestyle science, educational material and support structure to provide free education programs, including free in-office and community education lectures,  on the lifestyle prevention modifications on Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity, Stress Prevention.

Nutrition Coaching

In our busy and hurried lives, we often forget or disregard our diet. This can cause multiple issues to our overall health and well-being.
Participating Open Door clinics provide nutritional and health coaching to patients.


Free Vitamins

At times, we are unable to get the required nutrients from our diet. Additionally, it is not advisable to take supplements without proper guidance and advice from a healthcare practitioner.
The market today is saturated with companies offering vitamins. Open Door Healthcare makes this process easier for patients by showcasing vitamins and natural health products that have been tried and tested.


Exercise Technology

Exercise plays an important role in not just keeping us physically fit, but also mentally alert.
Open Door Healthcare provides patients with exercise resources and a one-stop shop for fitness tools so as to help with the exercise regimen, track progress, promote physical activities as well as increase motivation.


Lifestyle Healthcare Counseling

Open Door Healthcare clinics and medical staff can assist those patients that need support to change their lifestyle to prevent various disease.
This involves taking an integrated approach to care, one that addresses both psychological and physical factors.


Patients Give Back by Paying Forward

Patients who receive free or subsidized Lifestyle Education & Resources are requested to give back by paying forward services in their community by volunteering at local non-profits, schools, religious organizations and community groups.  Although this is not required to receive care, we believe when you receive, you should also give back.